Associated Services:

Tallpines Environmental Consulting Services

In addition to providing industrial hygiene services, Tallpines offers the following associated environmental services:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments conducted on commercial, industrial, and municipal projects using the ASTM Standard E 1527-13. ¬†Completed Phase I assessments have included airport facilities, acreage along protected waterways, dry cleaners, abandoned RV parks, motels, retail shopping malls, gasoline stations, radiator shops, 15,000 acres of historic mining claims, and undeveloped acreage in northern Arizona and on Tribal Lands
  • Energy audits conducted in buildings to pinpoint locations of heat loss, ill-fitting or disconnected HVAC ductwork, missing wall or ceiling insulation, quickly locate electrical problems such as "hot spots" on electrical panels, and accurately locate water leaks (plumbing, roof, slabs) using a FLIR B2¬†infrared thermal camera
  • Conduct baseline and post-remediation sampling of illicit drug laboratories (methamphetamine) seized by City police Narcotic Divisions. Typically involves residences which are sampled in compliance with the State Board of Technical Registration (BTR) regulations regarding clandestine drug laboratory cleanup
  • Stormwater sampling at industrial properties during periods of heavy precipitation and/or snowmelt runoff to document that the stormwater discharge entering waterways are in compliance with the NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) program, and develop stormwater pollution prevention plans (SPPP) for industrial sites
  • Prepare ADEQ air quality permit applications, air permit renewals, bi-annual compliance certifications, air emissions inventories, and EPA Region 9 opacity testing for industrial/commercial facilities with regulated point-sources of air emissions
  • Conduct indoor air assessments and subsequent testing for hazards in the workplace (permissible exposure limits); chemicals, radon, respirable & total dusts, and fiberglass
  • Underground storage tank (UST) and leaking UST site characterizations to closure
  • Baseline testing for radon in residences and buildings, and recommendations for mitigation