Lead-Based Paint:

Approximately 3/4 of America's houses built before 1978 contain lead-based paint. When properly maintained, lead paint poses little risk. However, a reported 1.7 million children suffer from elevated blood levels due to daily exposure to lead hazards.  The majority of children's toys sold in the United States are imported from China, and are not regulated for lead paint.  Be wary of toys labeled "made in China".

If you are considering the purchase or rental of a pre-1978 house, or are considering renovating your home which would involve sanding, stripping, or disturbance of painted services, contact Tallpines for the following services:

Lead Based Paint - Lead Poisoning Air Hazards

  • A thorough testing of painted, stained and glazed surfaces, room by room, using an x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. Non-destructive testing, the results are known immediately. The written report will document and satisfy Title X requirements involving the disclosure of the presence of lead-based paints to potential buyers and/or renters.
  • Tallpines offers EPA State certified XRF lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments (quantifies the presence of leaded dust for hazard analysis), abatement oversight services, and TCLP (toxic characteristic leaching procedure) sampling for demolition and renovation projects.
        • Exposure to lead is more dangerous to children than to adults because it is more readily absorbed by their growing bodies. Lead, a toxic metal, is absorbed into the blood stream and can cause permanent brain damage.  Lead poisoning is completely preventable; testing is the first step.