Tallpines offers the following geologic services:
  • Geologic mapping including geologic assessments of subdivision developments for land owners to determine the potential for geologic hazards in Arizona (floods, mass movement, subsidence, earth fissures, radon gas, karst topography, abandoned mines, and volcanic hazards)
  • Exploration drilling, lithologic core logging, electric log interpretation/ subsurface correlations for mineral exploration
  • Sedimentological/geological analysis and structural recommendations for sinkhole/karst topography
  • ASTM petrographic analysis of river rock aggregate for use as rip-rap for erosion control
  • Develop or update stormwater pollution prevention plan (SPPP) to meet ADEQ requirements for a facility applying for a National Pollution Discharge Environmental Study (NPDES) permit
  • Hydrogeologic studies to determine the extent and potential impact of leachate from an active or inactive landfill
  • Petrographic analysis of rock outcrops, sediment, and soils
  • Petrographic analysis of breccia pipe uranium orebodies, and the application of  paragenetic sequences/geochemstry of mineralized versus non-mineralized core for uranium exploration

  • All work is performed by Tallpines' Principal, a registered geologist in the State of Arizona.

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