Expert Witness:

Patty Rubick Luttrell, R.G., C.M.C., is a registered geologist who provides expert witness testimony for litigation involving the assessment of indoor air hazards, and geologic hazards:
  • Baseline testing of indoor air hazards at residences, schools, commercial, and industrial properties (mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead-based paints, chemicals, and illicit drug laboratories) for purposes of pending litigation
  • Technical review and written assessment of sampling protocol, use and proper calibration of field equipment, laboratory analyses, reports, affidavits, depositions, and testimony presented by others involving indoor air hazards
  • Review of applicable regulations to determine if your pending litigation is in compliance with City, State, and Federal regulations
  • Expertise in various types of mold and bacteria contamination resulting in poor indoor air quality in buildings and residences with construction defects
  • Knowledge of sulfur and iron ingesting bacteria leading to failure of water pipes and poor indoor air quality
  • Experience in the assessment of geologic hazards prior to land development
  • Trial and deposition testimony, document and deposition reviews, expert opinion presentation, and litigation support
Luttrell is a registered geologist (RG), certified microbial consultant  (CMC), federally certified AHERA  Building Inspector/Management Planner, Contractor Supervisor and Project Designer (asbestos certifications), federally certified EPA Risk Assessor (lead paint), manufacturer-trained on the RMD x-ray analyzer (XRF), and manufacturer-trained on the FLIR B2 infrared thermal camera.  She is a technical writer that brings years of experience and expertise to the courtroom, and excels in the technical review of trial and deposition testimony.