Asbestos is the most highly regulated material in the world because it is the most highly litigated. Asbestos-containing building materials (ACBMs), if not manged properly by the building owner, represent a great liability to both building occupants, and to workers performing work inside the building. Asbestos, a well-documented carcinogen, is not considered to be a health hazard unless the fibers become airborne; typically during renovation or demolition activities.  Tallpines offers the following asbestos services:

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  • A thorough asbestos inspection as per the AHERA, NESHAP and OSHA regulations, contract design specifications, abatement oversight and testing services for schools, residences, and buildings scheduled for renovation or demolition
  • As per the regulations, if the renovation or demolition is targeted, only those building materials scheduled for disturbance will be sampled and tested for asbestos content
  • Asbestos services for schools include the initial AHERA inspection, 3-year reinspections, 6-month surveillances, contract design specifications for response actions, asbestos abatement oversight and clearance air monitoring, develop or update asbestos management plans (AMP), operations & maintenance (O&M) programs, and the mandatory 2-hour asbestos awareness training for janitorial, maintenance, General Contractors, and subcontractors conducting work in a school building
  • Most building owners are unaware that even though an accredited NVLAP laboratory is used to analyze bulk samples collected from your building, it has been statistically shown that these accredited labs have a tendency to "over estimate" fibers by up to 30%; non-asbestos fibers are counted as asbestos.  When over estimation occurs, building owners are saddled with unneccesary abatement costs.  When dealing with friable (when dry, easily crumbled with hand pressure) suspect-asbestos containing building materials, it is highly recommended that a more reputable laboratory be used.  For friables, Tallpines uses Fiberquant Analytical Services located in Phoenix. Fiberquant analysts take the time to accurately count the fibers, and are well respected in the industry for not "over estimating" fibers.
  • Tallpines' personnel include AHERA Inspectors (for sampling), Management Planners (to assess hazards), Contractor/Supervisors (for abatement oversight), and Project Designers.  Our experience and expertise are used to guide you toward regulatory compliance.  
  • If you have any questions regarding asbestos, or how the regulations apply to your residence or building, please call or contact us by e-mail at
When choosing an asbestos Consultant, it is important to avoid "one stop shopping".  An asbestos Consultant samples/identifies the hazard, then steps away and recommends a reputable asbestos abatement Contractor to abate/remove the hazard.  If clearance air monitoring is required, the Consultant is the one to conduct the testing, not the abatement Contractor.  Be wary of an abatement Contractor or an environmental Consultant who offers to identify, abate, and conduct clearance air testing to "tell you what a good job they did".  It's like asking the fox to watch the hen house.  Ask any attorney about the conflict of interest that "one stop shopping" creates for you, your building, and building occupants.